"Our Totally INSANE No Risk, we must be completely nuts Guarantee" – Molle World
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"Our 100% Totally INSANE No Risk to you, we must be completely nuts to offer Guarantee"


You will think we are crazy and say to yourself "How can they do this?".  We are offering an Insane 30 Day money back Guarantee that you will not find at ANY other business like ours!  If for Any reason you are unhappy with your purchase email us at Support@molleworld.com and we will either refund the purchase price or replace the product if it is defective and send you a prepaid return label to send it back to us.

NO questions asked,  just let us know and we will send the label.  Then to top it all off on top of your original refund price,  we will even refund your original shipping cost!  Nobody does that,  because it's crazy! 😲 Oh and one more thing!  NO Restocking fees ever!  You can't beat that! That is a true 100% no risk guarantee.

Satisfaction is our top priority at Molle World,  so even if you accidentally order the wrong size,  color,  or you just don't like it,  we will take it back! 

The only stipulation we have is that we cannot return items that have been destroyed due to improper or misuse like if we find bullet holes or burns or using products for grenade testing 😂,  things like that.

So to sum things up,  you buy a product,  want to return it for whatever reason(try to be nice about it please😁) email us at Support@molleworld.com, tell us the order number, your name and the item you wish to return or exchange and within 24hrs you will be emailed a FREE Prepaid return label to mail the item back to us. 

Then we receive the product, check it for knife wounds and blood😉 and as long as there was no crazy shenanigans inflicted on the item, you will receive a full refund for the purchase price of the item and the original shipping cost!  Nobody in the industry can beat that Gaurantee!

We also offer shipping protection through "Route order protection company" on every order,  there is an option to click on the cart page,  for a very small fee(about 1% of the order total),  it covers, lost, stolen, never delivered, porch pirates, and items damaged during shipping. You just submit a claim and they send you a new item.

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